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    Linden Lab Is Looking to Sell Off Sansar

    I'll buy it. Would L$1000 be enough?
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    Should've come here a long time ago

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    What the hell Darnk?!

    I have it on DVD -- well worth seeing.
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    Happy Birthday Yure4u Sosa!

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    Happy Birthday Sean Gorham!

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    I just saw this second life viewer ad on fb

    That looks interesting, but I'll wait until they actually appear on the list of approved viewers before I hand over my SL username and password to their website.
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    Happy Birthday RodeejahUrquan!

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    Crime Drama on the Edinburgh Line

    There's got to be television series here... (Read the rest of the thread.)
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    Totally random picture thread

    St Michael's Tower is seen on Glastonbury Tor, as a full moon rises in Somerset
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    Nobody Cares! (Science & Tech Edition)

    A lot of people regard the trolley problem as unsolvable. Could be tricky.
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    Nobody Cares! (Science & Tech Edition)

    Has it occurred to anyone that sooner or later self-driving vehicles will have to be programmed with a solution to the trolley problem? I can't wait.
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    Happy Birthday Robert Jung!

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    Happy Birthday Govi!

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    Happy Birthday Ranma Tardis!

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    Happy Birthday Da5id Weatherwax!