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    Why 176 rugs?

    This recently happened with 56 free avatars in my shop. I wonder if its some sort of bot activity?
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    G&D Ruth 3.5 FREE BODY

    In 2016, a new open source mesh body was developed by opensim uses intended to update that platform to a legal, non copybot mesh body and also to provide a good alternative for the system avatar to SL users. The final product was the Ruth Body. (Please also...
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    second life G&D Ruth 3.5 FREE BODY

    EmpressOfCommunism submitted a new listing: G&D Ruth 3.5 FREE BODY - Ruth body with BADLY NEEDED fixes implemented Read more about this listing...
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    Genus DMCA'd

    It's strange to me that even when dealing with real life litigation they don't know the identity of the DMCA claimant. They've already said that is not CATWA and it isn't an ex employee, and if they're going back into business it seems like its possibly not a strong claim. So, to be blunt, what...
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    FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins

    A free gift for you- EasyColor wonder skin set! In the old days of appliers there were often limits to how much a skin could be customized. You could easily spend hours fiddling away with color huds, demo shopping, and omega appliers all to get your skin just that right shade. The results could...
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    second life FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins

    EmpressOfCommunism submitted a new listing: FREE G&D EasyColor Wonder Skins - Free Ultra Customizeable Skins Read more about this listing...
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    Question of the day #8 Time to choose.

    I would only pick Disney if it was during halloween season.
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    Racial Slurs as Marketplace tags

    It seems to be mostly racial fetish people doing it so now there's the "Fun" and arduous task of explaining "just because you get turned on by something doesn't make it immune from criticism".
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    G&D Rainbow Drip Makeup Set box

    Finally, the perfect makeup for artists, surrealists, and pride revelers. Weather you're doing an art project, at a drag show, or making a political statement, this makeup is for you. Five colours of eye shadow, paired perfectly with tears of Rainbow goo streaming down your face. Are they tears...
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    second life G&D Rainbow Drip Makeup Set box

    EmpressOfCommunism submitted a new listing: G&D Rainbow Drip Makeup Set box - BOM Pride Makeup Read more about this listing...
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    Question of the Day #6 - I dare you to love someone so much...

    I'm not schizophrenic but specifically abandoning a belief in hell has had a wonderful and similar affect, thought not atheist like most people of my stripe. Hell, and then belief that people are doing malicious spells just because life handed a person a bad hand have been some of the most...
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    Real Life & Second Life Intersecting

    Looking out of the window at nice sunset, thinking "Wow what a great wind light setting"!
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    LL hit a hardware limit.

    This looks like it might give the economy a little boost particularly for mainland. I have definitely noticed a lot more little green dots on the maps of all the continents and a few formerly empty mainland infohubs are now overflowing with people without any other hubs being abandoned. This...
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    Ruin a first date in 4 words

    It's not crabs, honest!
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    Pentagon releases three UFO videos taken by US navy pilots

    There was a curiously similar looking craft over Bosnia recently that turned out to be some kind of low flying Spacex satellite.