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    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real

    we call them hotcakes but theyre a fluffier, thicker ver of pikelets. There are even more extreme versions of .. but this is the common make at home mix ver. Recently whipping the eggwhites up to make a soufflé ver of this has become quite popular.
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    Ideas to Increase Snapzilla Usage

    On the FB page and on VVO, have a picture of the day post every day. I know shit like this is not your forte, Cris, but get someone to be PR and do it for you. You want eyes on Snapzilla as much and as often as you can. Many ppl are looking for alternatives to Flickr right now and this might...
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    Ideas to Increase Snapzilla Usage

    You need to create a Snapzilla FB page.. and then join all the SL blogger and photo FB groups and spam to those. make auto add to snapzilla FB page (opt in of course) and youll get way more takers
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    Nobody cares about food.

    Learn from The Master
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    Nobody cares about food.

    Omuraisu is a quintessential Japanese comfort food. chikin rice.. creamy omelette .. demi glace sauce... There are whole restaurants that do nothing but omuraisu.
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    AFK Sex Sims

    OK.. so now my imagination is fired up.. NEW GACHA/game MACHINE IDEA... animesh noody gurl.. insert quarter and prize capsule shoots out of hoohoo.... since its physical AND temp.. whoever is around needs to scramble like fuck to grab the prize before anyone else does... /me queefs all the way...
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    AFK Sex Sims

    hmmm I am sensing an animation market here.. I mean how afk can the sex be when the animations are those of an awake person.. now properly done with a menu choice in the beginning Female asleep or Male asleep. With the asleep animations all realistic and floppy .. flops all the way to the bank...
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    Dogs are weird

    dog not stuck... translated for you ....
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    Weird Food Combinations You Enjoy

    peanutbutter and bacon sammiches.
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    My Pet Collection Is Out Of Control

    hmmm you need a sphynxie.... seriously. Imma send you a bunch when I go inworld tomorrow.
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    Eggplant brownies

    I personally can see these eggplant brownies being overwhelmed by all the other shit in the trash. this is sacrilege ....
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