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    LOL! Bots

    When I ran a rentals company, bots were (and still are I think) the only way to get people into group immediately after payment was made, so there are definite uses that serve the the SL residents.
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    what was the first record you ever bought?

    p.s. I'm lovin' all the various bands and styles posted!
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    what was the first record you ever bought?

    One year after the landing on the moon...this came out and I had to have the album...Cosmo's Factory
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    Leaving My Second Life Avatars to Other People in My Will: Taking the First Step in Figuring Out Who Gets What SL Avatar

    I never really thought about what to do with my accounts, after losing my main to a ban along with several key business alts...I'm still left with over 50 legacy names that are active (I went register crazy when I heard SL was starting the "resident" program). But like you Ryan, I've had my own...
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    So Apparently IMVU Is Huge

    I had already been in SL 2yrs when I logged into IMVU in 2007, apparently they kill you if you haven't logged in for a while LoL. I may try it again this weekend if I have some free time.
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    second life Would you do it again? Or differently?

    1. Would definitely do it again, and sooner if I could have. 2. Would still create although with a lean towards apparel instead of buildings etc. I'd partner again but with more emphasis on being friends than having pixel smex. I only partnered twice in 12 years. Now for what I'd do...