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    Nobody Cares: PRS

    Hong Kong is a major financial center, as is London. I'm sure the UK would be happy to accept all those Hong Kong citizens and their money.
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    Question of the day #8 Time to choose.

    I grew up in New York City, so been there, done that, for 23 years. I've also been back many times to visit family. I've been to Disney World four or five times, so I've done enough of that too. So something else, like visiting Europe for an extended stay (a month or so).
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    Sanders already has 26% of the total delegates. Habiba can't math. Total delegates = 3979, Sanders has 1035 according to CNN.
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    I'll speak as a member of my local county Democratic Party. County parties elect delegates to the state (Georgia) party convention. In turn, the state convention elects delegates to the national party convention. At both levels, delegates participate in writing the party platform. The...
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    2020 Democratic Primary

    Politics is a matter of compromise and incremental change. Compromise because nobody has identical opinions. Incremental because replacing a toxic candidate with a less bad one (I have no knowledge of King's replacement) is a tiny step in the right direction. Per the primary results I updated...
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    Birds are crazy

    Once I get this giant seed home, I'll eat like a king.
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    Dogs are weird

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    2020 Democratic Primary

    So today is the last "Super Tuesday" of the primary season. The following places are voting and their delegate count: * District of Columbia - 20 (Biden 77%, Sanders 9%) * Indiana - 82 (Biden 76%, Sanders 14%) * Maryland - 96 (Biden 85%, Sanders 6%) * Montana - 19 (Biden 74%, Sanders 15%) *...
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    Question of the Day #6 - I dare you to love someone so much...

    Of course I do, but the practitioners nowadays are called "tech support". ==== "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -- Arthur C. Clarke Any witch or warlock following the instructions in a Big Fancy Book is merely reading the manual. It's no more mysterious...
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    Actual riot thread

    He could *try*, but the pushback from all sides would be enormous. For example, for the right-wingers, if its suspended, that includes the 2nd Amendment, and they can come for their guns.
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    Actual riot thread

    That's the color of shit, which you are, so yes, you are black.
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    Actual riot thread

    Donnie can't suspend the Constitution. It is a pact between states. His position as president is *defined* by the Constitution. So if it were suspended, his job would no longer exist.
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    #JAILTOTHECHIEF- Shit Just Got Real

    I have a different view. The deep state is the four million mostly honest and patriotic civil service people working for the federal government, plus the active duty military. That's an enormous depth of skills and talents. This is set against the thousand or so toadies, campaign...
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    Actual riot thread

    They are not a group, so good luck with that. They are boogymen the right has made up.