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    Nobody Cares - Second Life Is Weird AF

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    Racist Garbage GOP Rep Steve King Got Primaried
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    LOL! What MMOs have concerts in them?

    Another example would be The Lord of The Rings Online. Players can play musical instruments - I've seen groups of players playing together in cities before.
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    LOL! What MMOs have concerts in them?

    Adventure Quest 3D has had several concerts - they currently have something going with the group Breaking Benjamin.
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    Out for Dinner with Nook: Indian

    My body is ready!
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    Stupid TikTok Videos

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    All The Free Games Available Right Now
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    second life Show Your Second Life Style

    Head - Lelutka Skyler Hair - Deadwool Undercut Wild Midnight Skin - Birth Shadow Tone 5 Suit - Hoorenbeek Car - HM BCG Blue
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    Show me your artwork

    This is another I did - apparently I was on a breaking shit streak:
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    Question of the Day: You will be judged

    Daily brew: nothing because I hate coffee with a burning passion. Even the smell of it annoys me. Blech. :cut:
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    Show me your artwork

    There's something I modelled in Blender, called "Shattered"