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    std::string str ("Nobody cares about development..."); For all your animated coding truths.
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    Trump Plans to attempt to "Regulate" Social Media

    The executive order got signed: The order:
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    All things Linux

    Technically, yes. You could have the screen command(s) in your remote Server's /home/username/.bashrc. This of course requires some bash scripting knowledge: However, this will get run each time you open up a bash shell (i.e. also when making new screen windows, etc) so check if the...
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    eBay port scans your computer on connection

    I've read about this two days ago, and I had rather horrible ideas reading about it. Imagine a website using javascript and websockets like this, except they not only make your PC scan your local ports (and I mean not a few, but all of thems), but also certain IPs on your local network - the...
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    Question of the Day #3 - [Insert Pun Here]

    Spain. Current situation aside.
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    How COVID-19 is affecting society

    Calm down. Take a deep breath. Everything will be alright. The Umbrella has been a symbol for and for years. .
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    Help! Can't post or see Snapzilla images outside of Snapzilla

    Yes, could be. I don't have Chrome to test it, but it is coming sooner than later. I think the endgame is to not show http:// at all at some point.
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    Help! Can't post or see Snapzilla images outside of Snapzilla

    The reason why it's failing is, Snapzilla seems to be having trouble with https:// This is the main page with Firefox and HTTPSEverywhere addon enabled. The images from won't load at all over https://, it just hangs until it times out: Brave is probably set so on...
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    EEP! Windlight settings for -parcels-!

    LL is actually *very* strict on their concept of Shared (player) Experience. This term is unrelated to SL Experiences and actually pre-dates them. A TPV can't (in theory, and...ahem..usually only enforced for TPVs of a certain impact) add visuals or *deny* visuals that would have their players...
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    EEP! Windlight settings for -parcels-!

    I am quiiiiiiite sure that LL won't let that fly in official TPVs, and I bet that little tidbid already has been 'discussed'.
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    EEP! Windlight settings for -parcels-!

    Going a bit more on topic of EEP, there is one key feature that I have feeling will be a little overlooked, but I consider the best part of this: The ability to set, using experiences and LSL, any kind of EEP windlight, *per person* who's in the experience. And it's not limited to...
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    EEP! Windlight settings for -parcels-!

    The EEP video is a wonderful example of why SL just has horrible, horrible marketing for people that are not in SL (and even for some that are). That ultrasonic-pitch voice....thing is horrible. Anybody who doesn't know SL would look at that promotional material, stare and go "WTF is this hit"...
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    Ruin a first date in 4 words

    "What's your name again?" "Please notice me Senpai!" "I like your feet..." "I'm going in dry." "The world is flat." "Let's make a baby." "The sequel is better." "Make America Great Again!" "Please choke me, Mommy!" "Have you found Jesus?" "You are paying, right?" "Can I move in?"
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    Has anyone that uses singularity tried this?

    It's not technically an addon - it's updated/replaced files for your windlight\skies and windlight\water folders, and also edits a postprocesseffects.xml file in the client.
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    Coronavirus Updates

    And boom, we're there. US is at #1, At least according to official numbers: Coronavirus Update (Live): 537,787 Cases and 24,145 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer That's the point though, official numbers. I call BS on the China curve so hard. Plateu'd since the 15th? 81k total...