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    Queer Eye Star Asks If Commonly Used Phrase Is Offensive

    What a thoughtful person! Glad he brought it up and glad I got to read some responses. I can't remember ever using that phrase but I've certainly heard it. Never thought about whether or not it might be offensive..should have, but didn't. Now I know..and I will not use that phrase myself and...
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    Greetings and Salutations

    Howdy and welcome..I am new, too.
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    Is it just me...? *PIC*

    I agree! I think taking away surnames and sticking Resident on is horrible, de-humanizing. I love the old names, some of which are absolutely stupid and many of which are hilarious, and I want them back! Today!
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    Thank you, friendly people! I appreciate the welcome.
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    Lamar Odom says he used 'fake penis' to pass drug test for 2004 Olympics

    I agree that the WAY they test is a mess...but I think testing is necessary. I have NO tolerance for athletes (or their trainers) who cheat. If you can't win with what you've got, then accept that you can't win.
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    Yoo hoo! I'm here!

    Yoo hoo! I'm here!
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    Thank you, lovely Kiwi!
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    New here...but not new over there. You know where..right?