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    Modern slavery in the UK

    All my knowledge is anecdotal. There are a lot of people who are not slaves exactly, but don’t have normal workers’ rights, like minimum wage, because they’re not legal immigrants. It’s also still legal to hire disabled people for wages far below minimum wage, and I have heard reports that...
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    What else can you do in a virtual world?

    I’ve found it to be very useful for meetings, all done with text rather than voice. For examples, I used to run a group for bi people with meetings and parties, and sometimes went to UU church in-world, which has been going strong for years. I can think of other examples. Not everyone has the...
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    The Race Against Deepfakes

    I keep coming across people online who are more inclined to believe what they see on YouTube than conventional mainstream news. So you can’t cite a conventional press or academic source because they are considered to be liars. I also see uneducated people falling for YouTube nonsense because...
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    "Straight Pride" parade being planned by incel Nazi looney:

    This is too ableist to be useful. But for sure traitors are not thinking it through and are often duped. But the deliberate traitors are not fooled - they know what they are doing. I don’t know of a better word for this than “evil.” But that probably won’t take off either.
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    Nobody cares about food.

    Clam chowder is quite good if it’s 1) hot and 2) homemade. But this pop thingy came from Boston in June. They are trolling us :)
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    Nobody cares about food.

    At least there’s no pineapple ON it. I find this is an acceptable compromise.
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    Democratic Party Presidential Candidates for 2020

    If this Warren plan doesn't bring deductibles down to a level that can be afforded, it's still locking people out of health care. Just 250 a month for medications is way too much for people on low wages. They need that money for food and shelter.
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    [RFC] "This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted"

    Our laws are a mess when it comes to child human rights. Plan B: A Revised Strategy to Battle Idaho's Faith-Healing Exemptions
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    WTF Armed Neo-Nazis Crash Detroit Pride with Police Escort

    Jeff Flake was our canary in the coal mine of dying consensus.
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    WTF Armed Neo-Nazis Crash Detroit Pride with Police Escort

    Vigilantism is obnoxious and they’re much better at it than we are. But we’re seeing a coup by a minority government that is doing its best to rig the voting process, more or less in the open. The fascists have bought their own propaganda stereotype of the weak willed liberal, so they don’t...
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    [RFC] "This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted"

    I was going to agree with you until you mentioned pineapple. Somewhere, some poor child is being fed pineapple on pizza, and that’s clearly just wrong!
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    I Ate a Whole Cheesecake

    Happy birthday!!! :balloons:🎂:balloons:
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    Happy Birthday Jopsy Pendragon!

    Happy birthday!!!!!
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    [RFC] "This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted"

    Yet another conservative who thinks that if we don’t tell teens about sex, it will never occur to them to have it. It’s as if they have total amnesia for their own teen years, or something. We do have what may be an example of the ineffectiveness of “abstinence education” on reducing teen...
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    The Catholic Church Should Burn

    The cult of forgiveness almost always plays out with the person who has the power demanding the one who doesn’t must forgive him, effectively putting him beyond the law and social censure. So I say that some subcultures don’t really think child rape is a crime. We don’t expect a car thief to...