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    Out for Dinner with Nook: Indian

    The next in our series of restaurant themed shows is an extra special one as we will also be presenting a guest DJ: Roderic Ravenhurst! Marcel's will be serving a hot and spicy menu of Bollywood themed music for your pleasure so make sure you book a table and join us. 3pm SLT Friday 29th May
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    Out for Dinner with Nook: Greek

    The second of our Out for Dinner series - this week Marcelianous will be hosting an evening of Greek food and music to continue your culinary and musical evening entertainment. 3pm Friday 15th May
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    Marcel's present....Cristiano Midnight!

    Bumpity bump bump! TONIGHT!
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    Marcel's present....Cristiano Midnight!

    Depends on who's being nude.
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    Marcel's present....Cristiano Midnight!

    You know him so well Free :p
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    Marcel's present....Cristiano Midnight!

    Well do I have a special surprise for you lot this week! Our very own El Jefe has kindly 'volunteered' to put together a playlist of his favourite tunes, so this weekend as a special extraordinary set at Marcel's, we'll be open on Saturday May 9th at 3pm SLT. Presenting Cristiano Midnight: The...
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    Marcel's Picnic

    So someone suggested that we have a picnic, then it developed into a picnic at Marcel's, and now it's a (mostly) 70's picnic party! Friday 3pm SLT
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    The name is Bond...... Themed show

    Thanks for the nice words Cris :love: It was an absolute blast and so many people turned up - and made a great effort to dress up. It makes all the work worthwhile :D
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    The name is Bond...... Themed show

    As a special treat for the Easter weekend, I'll be hosting one of my themed shows this Friday. There'll be thrills and spills and car chases and all things Bond. Get yourselves dressed to kill and join us on Friday at 3pm SLT.
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    Battle of the BJ's

    Noooo! Not that kind of BJ - shame on you! I just thought it would be fun to do a sing-off between the two greatest BJ's (stop it!) - Billy Joel and Billy Joe (Armstrong, of Green Day). I'm sure neither of these guys need any further introductions so come and join me this Friday for 2 very...
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    The Isolation Station @ Marcel's

    If these last couple of weeks are really starting to get you down - if you've been stuck at home in self-isolation - or if you just need a break from the worries of the world, even for a short while.... Come and join us at Marcel's for our usual irreverent take on whatever is going on in the...
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    My Pet Collection Is Out Of Control

    I would just like to point out for the record that the comment from El Jefe "Just when I was out, Anouk sucked me back in to the Hullabazoo event " is not quite 100% accurate. It is true that I asked for the LM so I could go buy a baby monkey, but Mr Midnight's wallet was doing some heavy duty...
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    Technology! with Nook

    Whether you love it or hate it, there's no escaping the damn stuff - it's everywhere. It's great when it works and a bitch when it doesn't. Come join us for a night of celebrating or berating the dreaded march of progress. Marcel's 3pm SLT Friday 13th March
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    Cheesy Eurovision with Nook

    So I had a request to do a set of cheesy Eurovision Song Contest tunes (you crazy people!) - and never one to let down my public - here you go.....don't say I didn't warn you!
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    We have one of our very special themed shows for you this week and I'll be treating you all to a trip to the circus! Raid your wardrobes - I want clowns - I want jugglers - I want acrobats and lion tamers! Run away and join the circus with me! 3pm SLT