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    Sinespace Pursues The “Second Life Of VR”

    We're currently in the process of switching to a more agnostic API - should help there I suspect, but we've been avoiding the WMR native API since it's really geared towards UWP apps (which unfortunately, try as we might, throws up more issues than we'd like.)
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    Sinespace Pursues The “Second Life Of VR”

    Heya Argent, I haven't tested the Oddsey+ but that sounds like something with the controler inputs is FUBAR. There's a rework of our VR controllers in the next public release, which I am hoping will iron out a few issues - although this sounds like a new class of problem; albeit due to the fact...
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    I am Mukatsuku

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    cable Van Helsing Renewed For Season 4

    Yay. This is in my "Oh god why do I watch this, I can't stop" list.
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    Which Apocalypse Scenario Frightens You Most?

    False vacuum collapse.
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    Making Comic Style Stuff

    Thought I'd cross-post this from my recent upload GitHub I just finished a 4 part tutorial series on non-photorealistic rendering in the Sinespace youtube channel - but I've uploaded the key source files; the 'shaders' to make comic-style semi-PBR environments which might be useful if you're...
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    Scripting Examples, You Say?

    Yeah - C# has some heavy restrictions client-side (sandboxing/security mainly), although editor scripts work just fine. General scripting we do in Lua - which is something we need to do more examples of. (Lua is the language used in a lot of games though - it has the advantage of being very...
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    2018.9 Update / Release Notes

    Hey everyone, I figured I'd slightly cross-post from our blog (original post here) with what's in our 2018.9 update. You can get this one by ticking 'Creator Preview Release' on our installer, or going to (for Mac/Linux users) I won't post the full list of release...
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    Sinespace Pursues The “Second Life Of VR”

    Yeah that's a decent way of solving that problem - clever! Only problem is indeed the shadowpass, we're avoiding forward rendering where that'd be simpler; so it might be easier to instead slot in a generic invisible head, otherwise we'd have to have a second copy of your av in hiding (which is...
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    Sinespace Pursues The “Second Life Of VR”

    We've toyed with keeping avatar visible in first person view in the past - the problem is more stuff on the head/face/etc can occlude and get in the way of the screen. If we brought it as a optional feature, it'd definitely have to be default-off as the results aren't always pretty.
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    Sinespace Pursues The “Second Life Of VR”

    I think that neglects the fact that users are going to come in on a lot of devices - mobile in particular at least in the short/medium term I think will outnumber desktop and VR by a heavy margin. (If you look at what people actually are using - there's been a pretty big shift in the way general...
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    What ever happened to Adam Zaius and Nexus Nash? (Azure Islands)

    Hey, yep. :) I'm running Sinespace. I get the title of creator, lead developer and guy-to-whom-the-buck-stops on anything Sinespace related. I haven't caught up with Nexus in a long while, but we sold Azure over to Anshe in 2010 - about when I started working on the platform that would power...
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    Let's Explore - Sinespace

    If you're creating, I strongly recommend joining our Discord group (see the pinned thread in this forum) - we post beta versions of our editor packs there, and the latest beta has some really significant quality-of-life improvements for creators. :)
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    Let's Explore - Sinespace

    Yep - UI is a known bug. ;) We've got a big project underway to replace it, but you'd be surprised how much work that throws up. :)
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    Let's Explore - Sinespace

    Oh, sorry that might only appear when you're logged in.